Cedar Crest and Solanco @ Manheim Township

Sept 4, 2018

Yes, it was hot!

Gwyneth Young (Cedar Crest) and Ian Miller (Man Twp) Impress; Manheim Township wins both team races

On what was surely one of the hottest (literally) debuts in LL League history, two of the District’s best didn’t disappoint. The heat index at the start of the varsity races was 103 degrees. The weather, however, didn’t stop Manheim Township sr Ian Miller and Cedar Crest soph Gwyneth Young from flashing their post-season potential on a very difficult XC course.

Course Overview:

Manheim Township is currently building a new middle school. This construction has led to the XC course being slightly modified for 2018. This modification has likely made the course more challenging than it already was.

Here is a course overview –

The First Mile

Beginning in the outfield of the HS baseball field, the first half mile of the course features a steep uphill, steep downhill, and a quarter mile slow climb. The next half mile is a slight downhill before beginning to rise again at the 1st mile marker.

Hill #1 (mile 1)
Downhill #1 (mile 1)
Hill #2 – long, gradual uphill (mile 1)

The Second Mile

The second mile starts with a gradual incline leading to the steepest climb on the course. After this incline (hill #3), the race levels off as the athletes run the perimeter of soccer fields, before facing another uphill challenge. The last quarter mile of mile #2 is brutal. It is a long uphill that is parts dirt, gravel, and grass and is also quite steep. The downhill towards the end of mile 2 provides some relief before the course levels off for the final 1.1 miles.

Hill #3 – steep uphill (mile 2)
Hill #5 – long, gradual then steep climb (mile 2)

The Final 1.1 miles

The course is flat between the 2-2.5 mile mark, providing runners an opportunity to recover from the hills before the final push to the finish line. The last 0.6 miles features several rolls before finishing back in the outfield of the HS baseball field.

The Races:

The boys race went off first and Ian Miller led a large pack through the first half mile. Approaching the 1 mile mark, Miller and Township teammate, sr Evan Dorenkamp, began separating themselves slightly from the pack. Miller and Dorenkamp would run together for the next mile with several Cedar Crest runners and a cluster of Manheim Township runners in pursuit. The race really began to stretch-out following Hill #3 about 1.25 miles into the race.

First downhill (mile 1)
Lead Pack approaching mile 1
Chase Pack approaching mile 1
Kevin Perez (MTwp) and Tommy Bildheiser (CC) emerging from Hill #3
Cedar Crest runners on hill #3
Chase pack on Hill #3

The pack separated further following the long ascent approaching mile marker 2 (hill #5).

Luke Hinegardner (CC) and Tyler Stevens (MTwp) approaching mile 2

With a mile to go it appeared as though Twp would go 1-2; however, Cedar Crest soph Tommy Bildheiser ran a great last mile to catch Township’s Dorenkamp. Miller would win in an impressive time of 16:53. Bildheiser was 2nd in 17:18 with Dorenkamp 3rd in 17:48. Freshman would take 4th – 6th places with hard-charging Luke Hinegardner (CC) in 4th, teammate Ben McElroy in 5th, and Man Township’s Tyler Stevens in 6th. The top 10 would be rounded out by Township runners Kevin Perez (jr), Drew Sassaman (soph), Dieter Geib (jr), and Riley Horton (jr). Solanco’s top 2 finishers were freshman Avery Jacobsen in 11th, and senior Ben Stickler in 16th.

Ian Miller finishing strong
Tommy Bildheiser finished 2nd
Evan Dorenkamp finishing 3rd

The girls race would be paced by Cedar Crest soph Gwyneth Young and Manheim Township jr Annabelle Lapp and soph Chloe Kline.

These three established a lead early and the lead grew throughout the race. They ran together through nearly 2 miles before Young broke away with a mile to go.

Sophomore’s Gwyneth Young (CC) and Chloe Kline (MTwp) followed closely by Twp jr
Chase Pack on Hill #3
Chase Pack on Hill #3
Chase Pack on Hill #3
Start of mile #3
Start of mile #3
Start of mile #3

Young looked impressive throughout the race, seemingly unaffected by the heat. She should be in line for post-season success this year. In Lapp and Kline, Manheim Township seems to have a strong 1-2 punch. Crest jr Shayla Bonzalet placed 4th, followed by Twp soph Aurelia Huss in 5th. Rounding out the top 10 were Cedar Crest fr Lizzy Villa and Manheim township’s Cece Walker (fr), Paige Laurence (fr), Emma Dieterle (sr), and Carleigh Roche (sr).

Gwyneth Young on her way to victory in 20:08
Annabelle Lapp in 2nd (20:36)
Chloe Kline in 3rd (20:40)

Final Results (bobtrump.com):


New Manheim Township Head Coach Kevin Stover picks up his first 2 wins for both boys and girls teams. Manheim Township will travel to PTXC10 this weekend. Township boys are currently ranked #5 in our week 1 District III AAA poll, while Cedar Crest is ranked #6. On the girls side, Manheim Township is our #4 ranked AAA team. As this was a new course, both Ian Miller and Gwyneth Young are your new course record holders.

Manheim Township Coach Stover (far right) at the finish line