2019 CPAR BCIAA XC Section All-Stars

How the All-Star list was compiled:

  • Each individual is scored based upon their position in competition in relation to their competitors from other teams
    • Ex: If a single team sweeps the top 5 spots in a tri-meet, then those 5 athletes all receive a score of 1 against their competitors from other teams because they would be each of their competitors #1 runner
  • Each individual is scored/ranked against their own team based upon total points.
    • If a tie exists, then most recent performance is used
  • An athlete must compete in all races to be eligible
  • This list is fluid, meaning it will change each week of the season
  • All ties will be remedied by the end of the regular season so that only 12 athletes receive “all-star” status per section
    • Head-to-head match-ups will be the first tie-breaker for athletes with the same points at the end of the season
    • If 3 individuals are tied, then their total scores against those three opponents will be used

Please note – This is NOT the list used by the BCIAA to determine all-stars. This is used solely for the purpose of this website to determine our own “CPAR” All-Stars

If you feel there is something in error, please let me know at centralparunner@gmail.com