Matthew Johnson, Red Land (Class of 2022)

Name: Matthew Johnson

School: Red Land

Graduation Year: 2022

DOB: June, 2004


Social media information:

– Strava: Matt Johnson

– Instagram: _mattjohnson2_

Milesplit profile link:


5k XC – 16:51, PIAA District III Championships @ Big Spring HS 10/26/19

1600m – 4:49, @ Twin Valley HS 4/18/19

3200m – 10:27, Mid-Penn Conference Championships @ Chambersburg 5/11/19

List XC/TF Highlights:

– 40th at PIAA District III Championships sophomore year (10/26/19)

– 25th at Ben Bloser Invitational sophomore year (9/14/19)

– 36th in the 1600m @ Mid-Penns freshman year (5/11/19)

– 34th in the 3200m @ Mid-Penns freshman year (5/11/19)

Favorite XC/TF memory to date: Shippensburg XC camp sophomore year

What do you enjoy most about the sport of XC and/or TF: Running with the guys and the internal reward of a hard run/workout/race.

Academic Highlights: Top 25 of 297 in my class, obviously early in my high school career but I hope this only improves as I plan to take challenging classes over my next two years 

Favorite HS class to date and why: Pre-calculus, I really like my teacher and my class, math has always been my favorite subject, and it’s a class I questioned taking and have struggled at times but have done well too.

I am interested in the following college major(s): psychology, counseling, sociology, or social work. Again early but I feel counseling is where I’m headed for a career.

Career aspirations: I’m not sure exactly what type but probably teen or marriage, I enjoy helping people and what to have a job in which I can do that using the gifts I have.

I am looking for the following in a future college: somewhere that will prepare me well for my future career field, a place I can run, and a environment in which I can grow both as a student and person.

My ideal college coach would be: someone who is willing to do what’s necessary for me to be the best I can. For example, this pass year my coach wanted me to weight train into the season but with school and practice it was hard to find time. However, he comes into the school twice a week at 6 and works out. Being a sophomore I can’t drive, my mom works night shift, and my dad didn’t want to get my younger siblings up at 545 to take me so I asked my coach if he could pick me up and he was willing to help me be my best because I was willing to do what he wanted of me.

The most important factors I will consider when choosing a college (list 3-5):

– Academic appeal
– How I’ll fit on a team, feel I get from the team
– Location, although I’m not scared to travel it’ll be a consideration for sure
– What they’re known for

Other information you would like to share about yourself: I also play basketball, Jesus comes first for me; I help lead Bible club at Red Land and my faith is very important to me, I want to be part of a family not a team; that’s what’s made me fall in love with XC the guys took me in as a freshman and the bonds are unbreakable.