Olivia Walter, Mechanicsburg (Class of 2022)

Name: Olivia Walter

School: Mechanicsburg Area

Graduation Year: 2022

DOB: 12/2003

Email: oliviawalter713@gmail.com

Social media information:

Instagram – oliviaxwalter_

Milesplit profile: https://pa.milesplit.com/athletes/8255064/stats


5k XC – 19:09 – Lehigh University Paul Short Invitational – 10/5/19 (sophomore year)

2 mile XC – 11:37 – Temple 2 Mile Tune-up – 11/16/19 (sophomore year)

800m – 2:34 – Dual Meet vs Rad Land – 5/2/19 (freshman year)

XC/TF Highlights: 

XC (sophomore season): 28th place at Lehigh University’s Paul Short Run in 19:09, 15th place at 2019 PIAA District III AAA Championships in 19:17, Qualifying for the State Championships, 59th place at the PIAA AAA State Championships in 19:57, 63rd place at Footlocker Northeast Regional Championships in 19:41, 2nd place as a team at 2019 PIAA District III AAA Championships, and 5th as a team at the 2019 PIAA AAA State Championships.

T/F (freshman season): Qualifying for Mid-Penn Conference Championships in the 800m. 11th as a team in the 4x800m at Mid-Penn Championships.

Favorite XC/TF memory to date: One of my favorite memories is Lehigh University’s Paul Short Run because it was the first race where I really got to see all of my hard work pay off. Probably the best day of my running career to date is the PIAA District III AAA Championships this past season (sophomore year) where I placed 15th and almost every girl on my team got a PR, leading us to take 2nd place and qualify for the PIAA AAA State Championships for the first time in school history.

What do you enjoy most about the sport of XC and/or TF: My two favorite things about XC and Track and Field are racing and my teammates. I love being able to push myself further and faster each and every day. My favorite part of the race is the last 400 meters or so when I don’t have to hold anything back and I can just see how many people I can catch in the finishing chute. I love my teammates because they push me to be better than I ever thought I could be, and make every practice so much fun!

Academic Highlights: 

– Top 4% of my class of 296 students

– Current GPA above 4.0

– First Honor Roll every marking period

– Being nominated for National Honors Society

– Currently taking AP Human Geography, Honors Trigonometry and Precalculus, and Accelerated English

– Participating in the Gifted Program at my school

– Registered to take AP Calculus, AP American History, and AP English next school year

– Received an Academic Letter for 9th grade

Favorite HS class to date and why: My favorite class this year is English. I have always loved to read and write, but this year I have especially enjoyed being able to participate in a class that is taught by a teacher who is incredibly passionate about the subject and really wants her students to learn, not just get good grades. I love to challenge myself and learn new things, which is how I look at my running career. I enjoy reading articles and books about the newest advancements in the running world and I use this information to help me improve my own ability. Through my love of reading, I have also learned to analyze and think critically. This has helped me a lot throughout my running career, but especially this past year when I really got serious with my running.

I am interested in the following college major(s): 

– Psychology

– Athletic Training

– Health Science

– Sports Nutrition

– Spanish

Career aspirations: I haven’t yet decided what career I am most interested in. In college, I would love to be able to take a variety of classes. I want to wait to decide what path to take so I can be sure whatever career trajectory I follow is truly something that piques my interest. I want to continue my running career at the collegiate level in both cross country and track and field. I think I would enjoy and be best at middle distance events (800-3000) but really am open to new opportunities and I don’t want to specialize just yet.

I am looking for the following in a future college: I want to go to a college with strong cross country and track and field programs, as well as good academics. I would like to go out of state for college if at all possible, because I think it would be the perfect opportunity for me to gain independence and learn as much as I possibly can about the world. I would also like to go to a college with lots of fun places to run nearby!

My ideal college coach would be: 

– Flexible but well organized

– Dedicated to running and their athletes

– Understanding

– Willing to try new things

– A good communicator

Most important factors I will consider when choosing a college:

– Positive dynamic with team and coaches

– Solid academic and athletic reputation

– Variety of classes and other opportunities offered

Colleges I am currently interested in:

– University of Oregon

– Harvard University

– Yale University

Other information about me: I am a mid/long distance athlete for Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School. I’ll race anything from the occasional 4×400 to a 3200! I am really happy with how my 2019 cross country season went, but I think I am in even better shape now! This winter I have really focused on finding what type of training works for me. I have focused less on mileage and more on the quality of the mileage I am doing. This track season I have been training for the 800, 1600, and 3200. I have participated in cross country since seventh grade and last year was my first year participating in a track and field program. My favorite workout is either 200s or mile repeats. I have a younger brother who also participates in both the cross country and track and field programs at our high school. Both of my parents run and have done several marathons each. My mom did an Ironman in Lake Placid, New York a few years back. Despite my family’s history with running, my parents have never pushed or forced me into the sport. I found my love for it mostly on my own.

Weekly Updates

Week of:

March 29- April 4 – 43 miles. Workout highlight: 5x1000m in 17:24

March 22-28 – 43.5 miles. Workout highlight: 10×1 minute at 5:12 pace (1600 pace)

March 15-21 – 43 miles. Workout highlight: 5 minutes at 5:35 pace, 4 minutes at 5:32 pace, 3 minutes at 5:30 pace, 2 minutes at 5:27 pace, 1 minute at 5:04 pace.