Dylan Forrester, Wyomissing (Class of 2021) – COMMITTED TO LONGWOOD UNIVERSITY


Name: Dylan Forrester 

School: Wyomissing Area

Graduation Year: 2021

DOB: 12/2002

Email: djf1224wrva@gmail.com

Social media:

Strava: Dylan Forrester

Instagram: dylanforrester_

Milesplit profilehttps://pa.milesplit.com/athletes/7632570/stats



400 Meter Dash – 1:00.5 10th grade

800 Meter Run – 2:11.91 11th grade

1600 Meter Run – 5:03.98 11th grade

One Mile Run – 4:59.45 11th grade

3000 Meter Run – 10:51.86 10th grade


1600 Meter Run

– 4:52.9 – COVID Time Trial 4/28/20 – 11th grade

– 5:05.62 10th grade

3200 Meter Run – 11:09.81 10th grade

800 Meter Run – 2:09.9 10th grade


5000 Meter Run – 17:53.90 11th grade 

XC/TF Highlights: Breaking 18 for the first time in the 5k (17:53.9, Paul Short 2019) beating my previous pr by a minute and thirteen seconds, running 11:09 in the 3200 after not being able to go under 11:30 all of that sophomore season, breaking 2:10 in the 800 my sophomore season on an opening leg of a 4×8, breaking 5 in the indoor mile my junior season.

Favorite XC/TF memory to date: My XC team winning the double-a state championship my freshman year.

What do you enjoy most about the sport of XC and/or TF: The fact that there will always be room for improvement, pushes me to be the best athlete I can be, which makes it fun.

Academic Highlights: Maintaining/maintaining close to honor roll every semester.

Favorite HS class to date and why: US Government and Politics. The topics we cover, the energy and humor our teacher puts forth engages me with the class and makes it my favorite class every school day.

I am interested in the following college major(s):

– Businesses Administration

– Supply-chain management 

Career aspirations: Own a running retail business, or develop my own running product.

I am looking for the following in a future college: A team that makes me feel at home, and feel free and independent from home in a new part of the country. 

My ideal college coach would be: One who doesn’t take things too seriously, making the sport fun, a coach who has a good sense of humor and connects with each and every one of the athletes individually, pushing them to be their best, willing to push athletes past their comfort zone.

The most important factors I will consider when choosing a college: Offers a good business program, west of the Mississippi River, under $40,000 (tuition+room and board), not too large undergrad size, very engaging professors.

Currently interested in the following schools:

– University of Central Arkansas

– Northwestern State University

– Abilene Christian University

– Adams State University

– Western State Colorado University

– Western Oregon University

– Northwest Nazarene University

– Dixie State University

– Jacksonville University

– Colorado Christian University

– High Point University

Other information about me: I tend to be a humorous person with the urge to learn constantly and to help other athletes/teammates.

Weekly Highlight:

Week of:

March 22-28: 8 400’s at mile pace ranging anywhere from 69-72