Alex Miller, JP McCaskey (Class of 2021)

Name: Alex Miller

School: JP McCaskey High School

Graduation Year: 2021

DOB: 10/2002


Social Media:

– Instagram – alexcolemiller 

Milesplit profile link

PRs – (including non-FAT):

100m-  11.6 UNOFFICIALLY 

200m- 24.81  FAT 

400m- 53.3 UNOFFICIALLY 

800m- 2:01 UNOFFICIALLY 

1500m- 4:17 FAT 

1600m- 4:30.63 FAT 

3200m-  9:46.81 FAT 

2 Mile (XC)- 10:31.40 FAT 

5K (road)- 15:52 FAT 

XC/TF Highlights: 2x 2nd Team All Star, 3x Track district qualifier, 3x League Medalist.

Favorite XC/TF memory to date: Going to Shippensburg University, with my team, for the Spring Track District meet every year. 

What do you enjoy most about the sport of XC and/or TF: Improvement of health, bonding with teammates, and I also enjoy the sensation of finishing a hard workout.

Academic Highlights: 3.85 Unweighted GPA, 4.56 weighted GPA, top 5% of Graduating Class, taking IB Diploma Programme.

Favorite HS class to date and why: Likely Biology, it connects to my target university majors and learning about the human body and life itself legitimately interests me.

I am interested in the following college major(s): Pre-Physical Therapy, Biomedical Engineering, Athletic Training.

Career aspirations: Medical Field

I am looking for the following in a future college:

– Moderate Academic Competition

– Affordable tuition (<$25,000 a year)

– Smaller student body, has Track/XC.

My ideal college coach would be: Serious about pushing all their athletes to be their best, fun (still has a likable personality), and experienced.

The most important factors I will consider when choosing a college:

– Location

– Tuition cost

– Student population

– Available majors,

– School mascot.

Other information about me: Great work ethic both on and off the track, leads workouts, committed, honest, needs assistance with racing strategy.

Weekly Highlight:

Week of:

March 23-29 –

Hardest workout I did on my own this week was probably:


6 core drills

1 mile warmup

4 consecutive miles at 5:20-5:30 pace (Road-decent Rolling Hills with slight breeze and 52 degree temps)

2 mile cooldown jog