Introducing Gwyneth Young, Cedar Crest (Senior Journal Entry #1)

Hi everyone! My name is Gwyneth Young and I run at Cedar Crest in Lebanon, PA. As you probably have figured out, I am going into my senior year this coming up school year (fingers crossed it’ll be somewhat normal). I started running when I was about 7. The HS coaches that I have now host a youth XC camp that is still going on today. I slowly got to know the coaches through that and knew this is what I wanted to do. Fast forward, and I’m still enjoying every day of it. Honestly, the quote “trust the process” is a quote I live by. I was not anything to display when I was younger, but summer going into freshman year, I worked super hard because I wanted a varsity letter. I never knew this is how that process would help me, but boy am I glad it did! Here are some fun facts about me:

– My favorite school subject is German.

– I like to hang out with friends, cook/bake, and play piano in my free time.

– If I wasn’t running, I would probably still be dancing.

– My favorite TV shows are Psych, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and Gravity Falls.

– My favorite NFL team is the Seattle Seahawks.

– I have an addiction to Starbucks refreshers.

– And something not many people know about me is I can quote the first episode of Gravity Falls word for word..