Introducing Jordan Reed, State College Area (Senior Journal Entry #1)

Hi Everyone! My name is Jordan Reed and I am a rising senior at State College Area High School. I started running track during the spring of my 7th grade year. However, I didn’t get really interested in running until 8th grade cross country. It’s funny how much I didn’t like running until my mom forced me to try club cross country that year. My favorite things about running are working towards a goal and getting to meet new people. 

Some things I enjoy doing outside of running are gardening, biking, cooking, and spending time outdoors. During quarantine I have been trying a few new hobbies too such as baking (I love all things peanut butter and chocolate!), playing piano (working on it…), and sewing (not my thing). My favorite subject in school is probably math, but I also really enjoy science (especially biology). I plan on doing something with biology or environmental science in the future. Some other fun facts about me include: I have a twin sister, I can play 5 different instruments (one now being the piano 🙂 ), and I like wearing colorful socks. 

I’m hopeful we will be back to racing for the cross country season this Fall!

Me pretending to enjoy standing in an ice bath 🙂