Introducing Mitchell Brett, Kutztown (Senior Journal Entry #1)

Name: Mitchell Brett

School: Kutztown Area High School

Social Media:

Instagram – brett._.m

Snap – mitcbret21

Twitter – MitchellBrett1

About Myself:

I first started getting into running at a pretty young age. Before I was even in grade school my mom would take me along to her 5k road runs. Usually I would do a kid’s version of the race or every once in a while, I would do 5k as I got a bit older. It wasn’t until 7th grade year when I joined the cross-country team. Both my 7th and 8th grade year I won the county championship race, which is when I realized I had something special for running. In high school I really fell in love with the atmosphere of running and being around people that make it so fun. To this day I believe that runners of all kind are the most sportsman-like athletes of all. Every year of high school I’ve had to deal with injuries including shin splints, hip problems, tendinitis, and even respiratory issues but something about the sport made me want to keep coming back. This coming year I’m hoping to be injury free and have the best season possible, as long as we have one! A couple things unrelated to running:

– I love hiking, mountain biking, fishing, hunting and pretty much anything else in the outdoors

– In my free time I like to work on my car, play the guitar, and play with my dog (he is a Bernese mountain dog, and his name is Norm)

– In the winter I like to snowboard

– If I wasn’t running, I’d probably still be playing soccer, but I’ve always wanted to try lacrosse