The Power of Cross Training, by Jordan Reed (6-10-2020)

Jordan Reed, State College Area

I never really started appreciating and enjoying the power of cross training until after my first major injury Freshman year of high school. I was running down a steep hill at the Foundation XC Invitational (the same course as the State Meet), and I felt something snap in my left foot. I continued running the rest of the race (it was a good thing I only had a mile left), mainly because my adrenaline masked the pain, and because I didn’t know you could drop out of a race. I was hoping it was just a foot cramp, but afterwards I couldn’t walk so I knew it was bad. The x-rays showed that I had fractured my foot, and that I would need to take 6 weeks off from any physical activity. It all happened so fast, and I couldn’t believe it for a few days. 

After 6 weeks had passed, I was cleared to ease back into running. That’s when I began using other fun ways to train that weren’t super high-impact. I was assuming that these new ways to train were only temporary while I was rebuilding from injury, and that I would be back to mainly running in a few weeks. However, my coach started implementing more cross training as a part of our normal training routine. As a result, I think I am a stronger athlete because it has helped me stay relatively injury free, and keeps training interesting and fun! Plus, cross training is always a good option when there is snow and ice outside or something doesn’t feel quite right. 

I know how hard injuries can be, so feel free to DM me on Instagram if you need advice or someone to talk to if you are going through a setback in running!

Here are some of my favorite ways to cross train:

• Biking 

• Paddleboarding or Kayaking 

• Swimming 

• Speed Ladder Drills

• Aqua Jogging

Training Update:

I just finished my 10 day break from track season training and I am starting to build up mileage again to get ready for XC season! And of course cross training a lot too. 🙂