A Dream of Fall, by Colton Sands (June 20, 2020)

This spring has been the single most difficult period of my life so far. So many accomplishments, memories, and experiences have been lost to the COVID-19 outbreak. But as the great marathoner Bill Rodgers once said, “I have a feeling after a bad race that my next one will be good”. And this spring was undoubtably a horrible race.

As I write this, Summer 2020 is 3 days away. It will probably be here by the time anyone reads this. And with it, I believe a new wave of hope and positivity comes. Once the spring season was officially cancelled, I decided to cut back slightly on the intensity of my running. While in the first few weeks of quarantine there was a lot of buzz about organized time trials, as the weeks ticked by these events seemed less and less likely. I knew I was not, and am not, the kind of athlete that can run a fast solo time trial, and decided it would be best to spend the spring focusing on general fitness and staying healthy.

I think the plan went rather well, but I can’t say I did not notice a severe lack of motivation to go out and get harder workouts in without any races to look forward to. After the weekend that would have been states, I decided to take two weeks of active rest and turn my thoughts to fall.

Currently, I am in the second week of my summer buildup, and am slowly adding miles until I reach my goal of around 55-60 mpw. The main thing I have noticed about my training since taking my days off is how much more I look forward to my daily run. While the fall XC season is not a certainty, the forecast is promising and I can certainly see the benefits of having competitions to look forward to.

I guess what I am trying to say is that eventually, races will come. And when they do come, all of the work we have put in, all of the frustrations we feel from this time, and all of the love we have for this sport will culminate in something truly special.

Also, and Thrones nerds that get the title reference, you’re a real one. Book 6 will come eventually.