District III XC – Individual Rankings (9-14-2020)

There are a ton of stats that get associated with athletes in other HS sports. In XC, there really are only 2 stats that matter – time and place. With schools participating in limited to no invitationals this season we wanted to do our best to highlight the area’s top performers.

This only works if I’m able to get enough regular season results. Please send those results to centralparunner@gmail.com and help provide great content for all XC fans!

For future reference, these rankings can be found under the “Honor Roll” tab.

Here is how the pre-season rankings work:

1. Runner’s time from their conference/league meet and district 3 meet are averaged

2. With few exceptions, athletes were ranked fastest to 25th fastest based on that average time

3. Athletes were ranked by classifiction

4. If an athlete did not compete in both championship events only 1 time was used

5. Freshmen were excluded in the initial rankings, but will be added as soon as they begin racing this season

6. Over 80 athletes for both AAA and AA classifications were ranked, making it easy to keep track of who should move up as results start to roll in. Over 25 athletes were ranked in A. In total, nearly 400 runners were assessed.

Reminder, only the top 2 teams from each conference/league in class AAA and class AA qualify for the district meet this season. Then, 10 additional runners from each conference/league meet who are not on one of the two qualifying teams also qualify. To ensure individual qualification, be in the top 10 of your respective classification within your respective conference/league.

I will be adding schedules into the spreadsheet as we go, but have only begun this for AAA boys at this time.


Here. We. Go.

Class AA

Class A