2021 Outdoor Track and Field Preview – Girls

The wait is over! Outdoor track and field is back! What will a one year layoff mean for the 2021 season? Who’s made the biggest strides from 2019? Who are the newcomers looking to make a name for themselves this year? We’ll try to answer those questions and more, below.


District 3 was incredibly strong in the sprint and hurdle events in 2019 and during the 2020 indoor season. With significant graduations to the local sprint squad in 2019 and 2020, expect a lot of new faces to lead the way in Central PA for 2021.


Top Returnees from the 2019 season (w/2019 season PR) – Anaya Johnson (sr, Ephrata; PR – 12.40); Riley Mulder (sr, Dover; PR – 12.69); Riley Tryninewski (sr, Hollidaysburg; 12.71); Grace Kane (sr, Twin Valley; PR – 12.73); Jamayra Wakefield (sr, Reading; PR – 12.77); Jasmine Miller (sr, Penn Manor; PR – 12.77); Alyssa Clutter (jr, Trinity; PR – 12.79); Taylor Conroy (jr, Kutztown; PR – 12.81); Aliyah Serrano (sr, Conrad Weiser; PR – 12.83); Deja Nortey (jr, JP McCaskey; PR – 12.84); Jacelyn Jones (sr, Chambersburg; PR – 12.89); Brooke Long (jr, Altoona; PR – 12.90)

Others to watch – Mia Boardman (jr, Cumberland Valley); Taysia Smiley (jr, York Suburban); Ella Boback (jr, Carlisle); Sabreena Fahringer (jr, Susquehannock); Kaia Martz (sr, Cocalico); Darrian Berkheimer (sr, Altoona); Katie Urbine (so, Solanco); Lynda Wall (so, Lampeter Strasburg); Natalie Holmes (fr, Chambersburg); Chanel Hercules (so, Fleetwood)

Notes – We haven’t seen a lot of action from this grouping since indoors 2020. Ephrata’s Anaya Johnson seems to be the early favorite to lead this grouping in 2021. Mia Boardman has been posting some quick 40m dash times during winter training. Freshman Natalie Holmes from Chambersburg ran an impressive 11.90 as a 7th grader back in 2019. Katie Urbine ran some quick 60m dash times as a freshman and is also an up and comer in the Pole Vault.


Top Returnees from the 2019 season (w/2019 season PR) – Anaya Johnson (sr, Ephrata; PR – 25.74); Ella Ahner (jr, Tulpehocken; PR – 25.89); Shanelle Burrowes (sr, Chambersburg; PR – 26.15); Alyssa Caddy (sr, Forest Hills; PR – 26.48); Riley Mulder (sr, Dover; PR – 26.59); Sabreena Fahringer (jr, Susquehannock; PR – 26.59); Lauren Shaffer (jr, Portage; PR – 26.61); Grace Kane (sr, Twin Valley; PR – 26.64); Taylor Conroy (jr, Kutztown; PR – 26.64); Jamayra Wakefield (sr, Reading; PR – 26.70); Darrien Berkheimer (sr, Altoona; PR – 26.76); Damaria Wedderburn (jr, Hershey; PR – 26.76)

Others to watch – Lillian Young (so, Cedar Crest); Ella Boback (jr, Carlisle); Jasmine Miller (sr, Penn Manor); Megan Elzinga (sr, Northeastern); Sarah Galvan (sr, Palmyra); Makenzie Simpson (sr, Saltsburg); Jamie Swartz (jr, Lower Dauphin); Aiyana Rivera (jr, Exeter Township); Mia Boardman (jr, Cumberland Valley); Maura Kiser (so, Altoona); Anika Krasnai (so, Manheim Township); Riley Ebersole (so, Cumberland Valley); Kaia Martz (sr, Cocalico); Maura Kiser (so, Altoona)

Notes – Again, many of these athletes have not competed since 2020. Darrian Berkheimer and Shanelle Burrowes improved upon their 2019 outdoor times during the 2020 indoor season. Berkheimer ran 25.90 and Burrowes clocked 26.08. Lillian Young ran 26.64 as an 8th grader in 2019.


Top Returnees from the 2019 season (w/2019 season PR) – Lauren Shaffer (jr, Portage; PR – 57.98); Kaia Martz (sr, Cocalico; PR – 58.55); Madison Ziska (jr, Schuylkill Valley; PR – 58.59); Aiyana Rivera (jr, Exeter Township; PR – 58.85); Darrian Berkheimer (sr, Altoona; PR – 59.09); Madi Herb (sr, Wilson; PR – 59.12); Trinity Bellamy-Reid (sr, CD East; PR – 59.47); Casie Eifrig (sr, State College; PR – 59.50); Clare Marsh (sr, St. Joseph’s Cath; PR – 59.62); Jaela Johnson (sr, West Perry; PR – 59.69); Anna Posh (sr, Twin Valley; PR – 59.73); Shelby Derkosh (jr, Susquehannock; PR – 59.82); Damaria Wedderburn (jr, Hershey; PR – 1:00.16); Olivia Barbacci (jr, Cumberland Valley; PR – 1:00.28); Madison Saltsburg (sr, Northern; PR – 1:00.40); Patrice Forcey (jr, Camp Hill; PR – 1:00.41); Marissa Vandernick (sr, Lower Dauphin; PR – 1:00.45)

Others to watch – Riley Ebersole (so, Cumberland Valley); Maddie Kinton (sr, Chambersburg); Sarah Galvan (sr, Palmyra); Makenzie Simpson (sr, Saltsburg); Lillian Young (so, Cedar Crest); Sarah Ann Miller (so. Twin Valley); Cadi Hoke (so, Wyomissing)

Notes – Trinity Bellamy-Reid ran sub-60 indoors back in November. She should be ready to roll this outdoor season. Riley Ebersole PR’d at the Cumberland Valley Last Chance Meet in February running 1:00.09. Sophomore’s Lillian Young and Sarah Ann Miller have sub-60s performances from their 8th grade seasons (2019).


Top Returnees from the 2019 season (w/2019 season PR) – Ella Spriggle (sr, Mifflin County; PR – 15.30); Zoe Logue (sr, Fairfield; PR – 15.54); Clare Marsh (sr, St. Joseph’s Cath; PR – 15.54); Haley Stickle (sr, Somerset; PR – 15.68); Olivia Sensenig (sr, Cocalico; PR – 15.81); Alyssa Dyson (sr, Carlisle; PR – 15.83); Jadyn Butler (sr, Penns Valley; PR – 15.84); Madi Herb (sr, Wilson; PR – 15.92); Olivia Kay (jr, York Suburban; PR – 15.92); Emily Skidmore (sr, Warwick; PR – 15.99)

Others to watch – Ashley Rich (jr, Central Mountain); Katelyn Murphy (so, Conrad Weiser); Elizabeth Mohler (sr, Twin Valley); Ryleigh Marks (fr, Susquehannock); Chanel Hercules (so, Fleetwood)

Notes – Ella Spriggle has been the most consistent and highest performing hurdler amongst the returnees. The Slippery Rock commit turned in another strong indoor season this winter, running 9.48 for the 60mH.


Top Returnees from the 2019 season (w/2019 season PR) – Madi Herb (sr, Wilson; PR – 44.49); Clare Marsh (sr, St. Joseph’s Cath; PR – 45.50); Emily Skidmore (sr, Warwick; PR – 46.36); Ella Spriggle (sr, Mifflin County); Haley Stickle (sr, Somerset; PR – 47.12); Linsey Nester (sr, Hamburg; PR – 47.26); Maddie Mattos (sr, Cocalico; PR – 47.61); Alyssa Dyson (sr, Carlisle; PR – 47.65); Remingtyn Smith (jr, Forest Hills; PR – 47.86)

Others to watch – Tori Fahnestrock (sr, Manheim Central); Gwyneth Rentz (jr, Altoona); Abigail Walwro (jr, Central Cambria); Kayla Leppo (jr, South Western); Hailey Kravetz (fr, Altoona)

Notes – Wilson’s Herb is the #2 returnee in the state of Pennsylvania for 2021. She’s committed to UConn for Field Hockey. Clare Marsh finished 3rd in the state class AA finals of the 300mH in 2019.


The 2019 and 2020 classes of middle-distance and distance runners in Central PA were some of the best in the entire country. The 2020 class didn’t even have a 2020 outdoor season to lower their HS PRs further. Let’s remind ourselves of who has graduated since the 2019 season:

Name, school (HS PRs – 800m; 1600m; 3200m)

Marlee Starliper, Northern, now at NC State (2:09.44; 4:37.45; 9:54.75)

Taryn Parks, Greencastle-Antrim, now at UNC (2:09.56; 4:37.07)

Reagan Underwood, Wilson, now at Liberty University for FH (4:56.11; 10:18.96)

Katie Locker, Elizabethtown, now at Monmouth (2:12.00; 4:56.70)

Tatyana Gibson, Milton Hershey, now at PSU Harrisburg (2:10.30; 5:01.54)

Sophia Toti, Carlisle, now at PSU (2:18.25, 4:54.36; 10:23.84)

Kate Dickow, Warwick, now at Richmond (4:57.62; 10:20.08)

Makenna Krebs, CD East, now at PSU (2:12.95; 5:02.98)

Kileigh Kane, State College, now at PSU (2:16.70; 4:54.56; 10:48.34)

Bryn Underwood, Wilson, now at American University for FH (5:01.25; 10:37.37)

Cat Shontz, Elizabethtown, now at Temple University (5:06.50; 10:36.41)

Mary Campbell, Ephrata, now at Mt. Saint Mary’s (2:19.81; 5:02.44)

It will be incredibly difficult to repeat this depth in the upcoming classes; however, significant talent remains in Central PA.


Top Returnees from the 2019 season (w/ current PR) – Delaney Line (sr, CD East; PR – 2:17.14); Anna Posh (sr, Twin Valley; PR – 2:17.25); Kathleen Simander (sr, St. Joseph’s Cath; PR – 2:18.54); Gwyneth Young (sr, Cedar Crest; PR – 2:18.73); Caryn Rippey (jr, Wilson; PR – 2:19.74); Sophie Salomone (sr, Carlisle; PR – 2:21.07); Ella Kahn (jr, Wilson; PR – 2:21.33); Anna Martin (sr, Warwick; PR – 2:21.72); Keira Whitehead (sr, Chambersburg; PR – 2:21.72)

Others to watch – Peyton Ellis (so, Boiling Springs); Cadi Hoke (so, Wyomissing); Grace Morningstar (so, State College); Marlee Kwasnica (so, State College); Katie Dallas (jr, Wilson); Madison Saltsburg (sr, Northern); Rachael Kelly (sr, Northeastern); Emily Castronova (sr, Conestoga Valley); Aubrey Williamson (jr, Warwick); Ashley Pines (so, Cumberland Valley); Milana Breuninger (so, JP McCaskey); Sarah Ann Miller (so, Twin Valley)

Notes – Sophomores could lead the way in Central PA this spring. Here are 4 10th graders to keep an eye on this spring – Boiling Springs sophomore Peyton Ellis has the fastest PR amongst all 2021 performers. She ran 2:15.67 as a freshman indoors. Look for her to have a big, initial outdoor track and field season this year. Cadi Hoke is another athlete to keep close watch of. She ran a 2:17.41 PR indoors in 2020. Grace Morningstar ran a 2:18.88 outdoors at the CV Last Chance Meet last month. Marlee Kwasnica is yet another sophomore to watch this season. She just ran a 2:18.96 PR at the AAU Indoor National meet.


Top Returnees from the 2019 season (w/ current PR) – Gwyneth Young (sr, Cedar Crest; PR – 4:53.45); Margaret Carroll (sr, Northeastern; PR – 4:59.72); Caryn Rippey (jr, Wilson; PR – 5:04.49); Arielle Breuninger (sr, JP McCaskey; PR – 5:08.60); Camryn Kiser (so, Chambersburg; PR – 5:08.81); Sophie Salomone (sr, Carlisle; PR – 5:11.79); Anna Martin (sr, Warwick; PR – 5:13.46); Madeline Quinn (sr, Elizabethtown; PR – 5:14.74); Allie Engle (jr, Northern; PR – 5:15.59); Keira Whitehead (sr, Chambersburg; PR – 5:15.72); Brianna Wagner (sr, Cumberland Valley; PR – 5:17.75); Alyssa Fedorshak (sr, Ephrata; PR – 5:18.67); Jordan Reed (sr, State College; PR – 5:19.47); Kelsey Hull (sr, Penns Valley; PR – 5:19.69)

Others to watch – Marlee Kwasnica (so, State College); Kylee Cubbison (jr, Mifflin County); Jordan Reed (sr, State College); Grace Kuhn (jr, Wyomissing); Katelyn Detrick (jr, Bishop McDevitt); Marissa Pritchett (jr, Northeastern); Braetan Peters (jr, Annville-Cleona); Hope McKenney (jr, Mechanicsburg); Sydney Werner (so, Conrad Weiser); Claire Paci (fr, Greencastle-Antrim); Brooke Preputnick (so, Hershey); Kaitlyn Highduch (fr, Governor Mifflin); Addie Cohen (fr, Wyomissing); Cassi Clemson (so, Annville-Cleona); Ella Wolfe (fr, Hempfield)

Notes – Gwyneth Young had a stellar sophomore season in 2019. The UPenn commit is the #2 returnee in Pennsylvania for 2021. Look for Margaret Carroll and Caryn Rippey to also challenge for the top spot in the 1600m in District 3 class AAA this year. Alyssa Fedorshak has been setting new PRs all year, starting with her 13th place performance at the state XC championships. In the winter she set new swimming PRs. Look for her to drop more PRs this outdoor season.

Marlee Kwasnica lowered her 1600m time indoors this past winter. She ran 5:08.57 at Youngstown State in February. Kylee Cubbison has continued to improve since her freshman year in 2019 and clocked 5:09.02 in late February. Look for Kwasnica and Cubbison to battle it out for the District 6 class AAA title.


Top Returnees from the 2019 season (w/ current PR) – Gwyneth Young (sr, Cedar Crest; PR – 10:21.86); Madeline Quinn (sr, Elizabethtown; PR – 10:58.20); Margaret Carroll (sr, Northeastern; PR – 11:01.00); Arielle Breuninger (sr, JP McCaskey; PR – 11:06.51); Hope McKenney (jr, Mechanicsburg; PR – 11:16.30); Jordan Reed (sr, State College; PR – 11:19.03); Anna Matin (sr, Warwick; PR – 11:20.42); Grace Kuhn (jr, Wyomissing; PR – 11:27.43); Marissa Pritchett (jr, Northeastern; PR – 11:29.21

Others to watch – Brianna Cottingham (jr, State College); Emily Foight (sr, Wilson); Amiyah Priebe (sr, Greenwood); Sophie Salomone (sr, Carlisle); Gretal Shank (sr, Carlisle); Brianna Wagner (sr, Cumberland Valley); Ciara Conboy (sr, Shippensburg); Kelsey Hull (sr, Penns Valley); Stella Kuntz (jr, Central Cambria); Bella Treglia (jr, Northeastern); Lydia Tolerico (jr, Dallastown); Kate Youngmark (jr, St. Joseph’s Cath); Hannah Rohrer (jr, Palmyra); Claire Paci (fr, Greencastle-Antrim); Camryn Kiser (so, Chambersburg); Ava Shirk (fr, Manheim Township); Winter Oaster (fr, Gettysburg); Annaliese Niebauer (so, Central Cambria)

Notes – Don’t be fooled by Margaret Carroll’s 3200m PR. She ran 10:50ish through 3200m this winter en route to her all-American finish in the 5k (17:11.73). Young and Breuninger will be teammates next season at the University of Pennsylvania. Madeline Quinn is committed to High Point University.


Berks County’s Ashlyn Giles (sr, Schuylkill Valley) is the one to watch this outdoor season. She is coming off an All-American indoor season that saw her lengthen her shot put PR to 49-07. The University of Nebraska commit will look to take home state gold this spring.

Expect some massive PRs this spring as many girls have not competed in the last 12-21 months.

Shot Put:

Top Returnees from the 2019 season (w/ current PR) – Ashlyn Giles (sr, Schuylkill Valley; PR – 49-7); Maizee Fry (sr, United; PR – 41-6); Annika Ermold (jr, Governor Mifflin; PR – 40-9.5); Yenisha Lopez (sr, Susquehanna Township; PR – 37-1.5); Regan Sheredy (sr, Northern Cambria; PR – 35-4); Kylyn McIntyre (jr, Red Lion; PR – 35-3.25); Destiny Ellerbe (sr, Conestoga Valley; PR – 35-1.5); Makayla Decker (sr, Northern; PR – 34-9.25); Adrianna Bryant (sr, Manheim Township; PR – 34-7)

Others to watch – Megan Gannon (jr, Cumberland Valley); Carley Sedun (sr, Elizabethtown); Shannan Simmons (sr, Lebanon); Vicky Heliodoro (jr, Wyomissing); Kaylla Williams (jr, Harrisburg); Sabine Kabuika (sr, Cedar Cliff); Kyra Love (so, Cumberland Valley); Ericka Jackson (so, Lower Dauphin); Justley Sharp (so, Homer Center)

Notes – Giles threw 49-00.75 to take home the indoor national title this past winter. Look for her to take home her first state gold this spring. Her PR toss of 49-7 was US #1! Justley Sharp is a new name to keep an eye on. She broke the meet records in both the Shot and Discus at the Altoona MS Championships back in 2019.


Top Returnees from the 2019 season (w/2019 season PR) – Maizee Fry (sr, United; PR – 127-11); Ashlyn Giles (sr, Schuylkill Valley; PR – 127-03); Yenisha Lopez (sr, Susquehanna Township; PR – 124-04); Jaylyn Clow (sr, Penn Manor; PR – 122-00); Kylyn McIntire (jr, Red Lion; PR – 111-01); Kaylla Williams (jr, Harrisburg; PR – 108-06); Makayla Decker (sr, Northern; PR – 108-02); Carly Sedun (sr, Elizabethtown; PR – 108-01); Clara Hardick (sr, Tulpehocken; PR – 106-06)

Others to watch – Olivia Devine (sr, Palmyra); Regan Sheredy (sr, Northern Cambria); Natalie Brown (jr, Fairfield); Justley Sharp (so, Homer Center)


Top Returnees from the 2019 season (w/2019 season PR) – Taylor Ciccolini (sr, Mifflin County; PR – 146-01); Hannah Cassner (sr, Daniel Boone; PR – 127-10); Kaylla Williams (jr, Harrisburg; PR – 125-09); Haley Croyle (sr, Forest Hills; PR – 123-10); Maizee Fry (sr, United; PR – 123-04); Genieva Martin (sr, Palmyra; PR – 122-08); Josi Wehner (sr, Forest Hills; PR – 118-10); Montana Paul (sr, Millersburg; PR – 115-08); Mackenzie White (sr. Biglerville; PR – 114-10); Sydney Trimbur (sr, Oley Valley; PR – 113-03); Jordyn Cather (sr, Upper Dauphin; PR – 112-11); Marilyn Keernick (sr, Penn Manor; PR – 111-10); Olivia Anson (sr, Elizabethtown; PR – 111-10)

Others to watch – Olivia Devine (sr, Palmyra); Ashlyn Giles (sr, Schuylkill Valley); Kaitlyn Bailey (sr, Cambria Heights); Maddie Scalese (jr, Purchase Line); Abigail Gotwals (jr, Central York); Kylyn McIntire (jr, Red Lion)

Notes – Taylor Ciccolini is one of the top Javelin throwers in the country. She is committed to the University of Missouri where she will join her sister, Skylar.


Heading into the 2021 outdoor season, it appears that Olivia Sensenig (sr, Cocalico), Zaiyah Marshall (sr, South Western); and Brooke Long (jr, Altoona) will be the ones setting the early tone in the horizontal jumps. Fiona Barry (sr, Wilson) and Hattie Riess (sr, Shippensburg) are the only competitors who have surpassed 5-2 in the high jump. Look for newcomers to have an impact in all jumps this spring. The Pole Vault continues to be an area of strength for Central Pennsylvania. Expect a competitive post-season in that event as someone not named “Horn” will take post-season championship honors.

Long Jump:

Top Returnees from the 2019 season (w/ current PR) – Olivia Sensenig (sr, Cocalico; PR – 17-9.75); Maria Ratnasamy (jr, Cumberland Valley; PR – 17-4); Brooke Long (jr, Altoona; PR – 17-4); Madison Ziska (jr, Schuylkill Valley; PR – 17-1.5); Shanelle Burrowes (sr, Chambersburg; PR – 16-10); Kaitlyn Rueppel (sr, ELCO; PR – 16-8); Marin Miller (jr, Hollidaysburg; PR – 16-7); Zaiyah Marshall (sr, South Western; PR – 16-6.5); Hailey Rios (jr, Somerset; PR – 16-5.75); Nicole Kutz (sr, Wilson; PR – 16-5)

Others to watch – Annika Krasnai (so, Manheim Township); Madison Knier (so, Manheim Central); Lillian Young (so, Cedar Crest); Katelyn Murphy (so, Conrad Weiser); Denee Hibbert (sr, Exeter Township); Mia Brown (so, Wilson); Kyra Rishell (sr, Manheim Township); Taylor Foster (jr, Bishop McDevitt); Ella Boback (jr, Carlisle); Ally Richwine (jr, Carlisle);

Notes – While Sensenig is the top returner, expect several girls to challenge for the area’s top leap this season. Brooke Long has put together some strong indoor performances since spring of 2019 and appears to be getting stronger each year. Annika Krasnai had the state’s top freshman indoor mark in 2020 when she jumped 17-6. Madison Knier and Lillian Young have PR’s of 16-9 and 16-6, respectively from their 8th grade seasons back in 2019. Denee Hibbert was active this past winter and set a new PR indoors of 16-6.

Triple Jump:

Top Returnees from the 2019 season (w/ current PR) – Zaiyah Marshall (sr, South Western; PR – 38-2.5); Olivia Sensenig (sr, Cocalico; PR – 36-8.5); Brooke Long (jr, Altoona; PR – 36-8.25); Abigail Taylor (sr, Greenwood; PR – 35-6.25); Emma Parnell (jr, Hollidaysburg; PR – 35-3.5); Kyra Rishell (sr, Manheim Township; PR – 35-1); Mylina Castillo (sr, Reading; PR – 35-0.25)

Others to watch – Denee Hibbert (sr, Exeter Township); Grace Aplin (sr, Palmyra); Maria Ratnasamy (jr, Cumberland Valley); Madeline Lehker (jr, South Western); Shannon Mullin (jr, State College); Ally Richwine (jr, Carlisle); Alex Antoniono (so, State College); Brooklyn Barron (so, Altoona); Kiahna Jones (so, Central Mountain)

Notes – Zaiyah Marshall is the #4 returner in the state from the 2019 Outdoor season where she finished the year with a 6th place performance at states. Hibbert had a great 2020 indoor season before COVID shut things down for outdoors. She PR’d with a 37-0.75 that season and should factor into a high medal finish at the District 3 Championships this spring. Brooklyn Barron set an Altoona MS Championship meet record in 2019 of 35-02.

High Jump:

Top Returnees from the 2019 season (w/ current PR) – Fiona Barry (sr, Wilson; PR – 5-4); Hattie Riess (sr, Shippensburg; PR – 5-2.25); Ella Spriggle (sr, Mifflin County; PR – 5-2); Ally Richwine (jr, Carlisle; PR – 5-2); Emma Rolston (jr, Greenwood; PR – 5-2); Kali Laffredo (sr, Twin Valley; PR – 5-1); Jasynda Vize (sr, Hamburg; PR – 5-1); Madeline Lehker (jr, South Western; PR – 5-1)

Others to watch – Madison Knier (so, Manheim Central); Brooklyn Barron (so, Altoona); Alexis Moran (jr, Lampeter Strasburg); Katie Wivell (jr, Gettysburg); Jaci Clousner (jr, Altoona); Saige Wilt (Lower Dauphin); Cameron Upcraft (jr, Penns Valley); Tatum Hoffman (sr, Ligonier Valley); Amanda Gwinn (sr, Huntingdon); Celeste Kelley (sr, Cedar Cliff); Rachael Spangler (sr, Bermudian Springs); Giahny Correa (sr, Lebanon); Olivia Myer (sr, Ephrata); Julia Zewe (sr, Lower Dauphin)

Notes – Alexis Moran improved upon her PR in the winter of 2020, clearing 5-2. Madison Knier was the area’s top MS high jumper back in 2019. As a then 8th grader, she cleared 5-1.

So many girls are closely ranked in the high jump. Those that can consistently clear 5-2 will ultimately separate themselves from the massive pack that have cleared 5-0.

Pole Vault:

Top Returnees from the 2019 season (w/ current PR) – Annika Hummel (sr, Mechanicsburg; PR – 11-07-75); Kaitlyn Thorne (jr, Central York; PR – 11-06); Taylor Ciccolini (sr, Mifflin County; PR – 11-00); Mia Iceland (jr, State College; PR – 10-10); Sarah Neely (sr, State College; PR – 10-06); Michaela Frey (sr, Mechanicsburg; PR – 10-6);

Others to watch – Victoria Sodeinde (sr, State College); Haylee Edwards (sr, Twin Valley); Claire Hicks (jr, State College); Molly Heintzelman (jr, Cedar Crest); Emily Oriel (jr, Cedar Crest); Carissa Bender (so, Solanco); Marlayna Concannon (so, Red Land); Marissa McNamee (so, Central Dauphin)

Notes – ELCO sophomore Carissa Bender and Solanco Sophomore Katie Urbine are two new names to know. Bender cleared 11-01 this past winter while Urbine cleared 11-00. Sodeinde and Heintzelman improved their PV PR’s during the 2020 indoor season, clearing 10-6. Oriel PR’d this past winter with a 10-5 clearance.


Disclaimer: The team projections are just for fun. It’s way too soon to make any solid predictions, especially with not having a 2020 season.

District III AA – Ashlyn Giles has the potential to score well over 20 points for Schuylkill Valley at the district meet if she competes in all three throwing events. Madison Ziska should add team points in the sprints. The Panthers may lack the overall depth to win in the end against the likes of Wyomissing and Greenwood. This one is too early to make a prediction.

District III AAA – This one is impossible with the number of teams in D3AAA. I think the Mid-Penn will have several contenders for the district title. Chambersburg, Cumberland Valley, and Carlisle look to have nice depth spread amongst many events. Chambersburg and Cumberland Valley should have strong relays, too, which will help. Mechanicsburg might not be far behind in the Mid-Penn Conference. Wilson and Cedar Crest have some strong individuals who could score significant points. JP McCaskey could be sneaky good, too.

District VI AA – Saint Joseph’s Catholic has several individuals looking to bring home individual district titles. Combine that with what should be strong relays and you have yourself a favorite.

District VI AAA – Should be a close one between Altoona and State College. Their strengths are in different areas. I’m taking Altoona as my pre-season favorite. They look to have a solid group of returnees as well as an influx of new talent for 2021.