Spotlight 2022 – Ben Colli, Chambersburg

Ben Colli

Chambersburg High School

College: planning on running at West Chester University 

Future Plans: become a high school math teacher & XC coach

Favorite School Subject: German, super fun language with a fun teacher

Favorite School Teacher: Mrs. DeWald (AP Calculus AB), managed to provide encouragement and joy in a year where learning was difficult for all of us

Favorite Book: The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Favorite Movie: Creed 2

Favorite Thing to do when not competing in XC/TF: I love to play Madden and watch football.

Fun Fact about me: I can list every NBA champion since 1979 

Favorite shoe brand: I switch between Nikes and Hokas, but I’d give the edge to Nike because of the versatility in the shoes.

Favorite XC/TF Invitational: 2021 Carlisle Invite. Our team really stepped up and made a statement that day. Everybody had a lot of fun, and it was super cool competing against some of the best runners and teams within the state.

Best High School Memory: High School football & basketball games have always been lots of fun. I really just enjoy hanging out with my friends.

Advice to younger student athletes: Keep putting in the work and stay motivated, everything is totally worth it in the end. Be ready for anything that life throws at you and keep your head up.

Instagram: @benjamincolli_

Snapchat: @benjamincolli7