Spotlight 2022 – Bryna Kelly, Garden Spot

Bryna Kelly

School – I go to Garden Spot High School and will attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the Fall to continue my academic and athletic career.

College Major – I will major in interior design. I have known what I wanted to do for years and I’m really excited to start studying it.

Future Aspirations – I want to peruse interior design hopefully in a city somewhere and potentially continue my running career.

Favorite Subject – My favorite subject is either english or art.

Favorite Teacher – My favorite teacher is my english teacher Ms. Martin. She is always a person you can talk to about anything and can make any lesson fun.

Favorite Movie – Mamma Mia

Favorite Quote – “Like it’s the last”. I have this written on my left spike so I can see it before the start of every race or practice. It really motivates me to make every race my best because you never know if it could be the last.

Favorite thing to do when not competing – When Im not competing I love spending time with my friends away from the track. I am also involved in 2 other sports that take up some time.

Something people would be surprised to learn about you – I was the drum major for the high school band and have been involved with the band program for 9 years

Favorite shoe brand – Nike

Favorite Invitational – The Twin Valley Invitational, I did not have my best performance but we had many coaches compliment our team and even though we all practiced separately we all were still a family and have a lot of fun together.

Best HS Memory – My best HS memory are the moments following the league win I had. After going through a coaching change and a year list due to COVID I was ready to really compete and it all paid off seeing as freshman year I was no where near going to leagues or making district finals.

Advice to younger student athletes – Just keep working and be willing to try anything. I never thought I would be a hurdler and thought my coach was crazy when they asked me to hurdle. You never know what you can do.

Instagram – @kellybryna @bryna.kelly (athletic)

Snap – bryna.kelly