Spotlight 2022 – Noah Spayd, CD East

Get to Know Noah Spayd

School- Central Dauphin East

College- Lock Haven University 

Anticipated College Major- Athletic Training

Future Aspirations- Become an athletic trainer working with either high school or college athletes while continuing my running career as an adult whatever that may mean. I also might look into coaching after a little while

Favorite Subject In HS- Probability and Statistics. I liked that it was a “different kind of math” and a math course I feel can actually be applied to the real world. The class was super chill which was nice, and it never got too easy or too hard. The class was also nice because it had my favorite teacher, Mr. Woodall who is the assistant XC Coach

Favorite Movie- Avengers Endgame

Favorite Quote- “To give anything less than your best is a sacrifice of the gift.”- Steve Prefontaine

Favorite Thing To Do When Not Competing In XC/TF- Working. This might sound weird but let me explain. I work at Chick-fil-A on Lindle Road, aka the busiest restaurant in the state of PA. Similar to how some people say XC/TF is like their second family, that’s what CFA is like for me. The atmosphere is so positive and it’s a great place where we can mess around sometimes and still get our work done. In the summer I pretty much just ran and worked, doing two things I love, and I think that’s why it went by so fast.

Something People Would Be Surprised To Learn About You- When I was younger I was a really big daredevil. I broke my left collarbone, my right arm and fractured my chin all within 14 months. Another interesting fact about me is I have ran over 150 races across my running career and can name every time of every race ever since I started.

Favorite Shoe Brand- ASICS for training and Nike for racing

Favorite HS XC/TF Invitational You’ve Competed In

XC- Mid Penns 2020. Going into this meet I wasn’t expecting much. It was near impossible to make districts because of the new standards because of covid, and the atmosphere of the meet was really dead because of the lack of people there. I ended up having my best race I’ve ever had at Big Spring(Which is district 3 central for XC. I’ve raced over 10 times at this place in invitationals alone), and I feel this was the race I really made myself known and put myself out there. Plus I took one of the last district spots which meant a lot to me

TF- Stan Morgan Invite 2021. This was  a night meet and it was really fun. Racing the 3200 under the lights was awesome. I felt amazing and walked away with a 15 sec PR which is the most I’ve PRd in the event in a long time. This was the race of a lifetime. Similar to XC, I feel like this race put me out there even more, and I really made a name for myself and it put me on the map

Best HS Memory- My Senior Year XC Season. My times we’re definitely not where I wanted them to be, but that’s beside the point. It was so fun to just get to practice every day after school, and hang out with my teammates. This season was definitely a bit strange for us, but we made the most of it and had a blast. XC is just a different kind of family.

Advice To Younger Athletes- Trust The Process. The Sport of XC/TF is absolutely insane. It can leave you on cloud 9 one day and the very next day at an all time low. Most days you

might not want to get out there and get your run in. It may not be the greatest 6/7 days a week, but that one day is what makes it all worth it. Stay consistent and trust the process. Work hard and it will pay off. In fact as I’m proof reading this, I’m realizing this is something I can apply to myself right now. I was under the radar for most of my career, but had a phenomenal outdoor season and summer training of 2021. Then I ended up just feeling off during XC, but after I took a week off and had a huge PR. Then, a few weeks later, I got COVID-19 and still am trying to get back in shape. It’s this kinda stuff that takes a lot of patience, so just trust the process.

Instagram- @not_noah_spayd

Twitter- @not_noah_spayd