District 3 Individual Rankings – Girls

Here are the inaugural District 3 individual rankings by classification. At this time, nearly 255 individuals are ranked in Class AAA; 159 individuals are ranked in class AA; and 61 individuals are ranked in class A. These rankings will be updated throughout the year and should give insight into how the team rankings come about. 

How do the pre-season rankings come together?

  1. Post-season championship (excluding states) performances. (Heaviest weight)
  2. Spring track and field results for 1600m and 3200m are used. 3200m weighted heavier than 1600m. 
  3. Lastly, year over year performance improvement is considered. (Smallest weight)

Once the season starts, past season performances no longer matter. These rankings are simply the starting point for 2022. 

Class AAA (Top 50)

Class AA (Top 30)

Class A (Top 12)

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