“In Depth” – Week 2 Girl’s Team Rankings

Yard Doody Lancaster CPAR Team Rankings – Week 2

Week 2 saw another weekend of very fast invitationals. Red/White/Blue Classic, PSU Spiked Shoe, and the LVC Invite are 3 very fast XC courses. You can put LVC on the same “speed” line as the Northampton Invitational from Weekend 0. PTXC is the “slowest” of the grouping, but even it would not be considered a “slow” course. This is all factored when putting individual and team rankings together.

For this weekend’s results, we worked to normalize times to that of PTXC. To do so :60s was added to times run at LVC and :30s was added to times run at RWB and PSU. This is far from scientific, but it does get us closer for comparison purposes.

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