Boys District 3 Individual XC Rankings – Week 3

After each race during the week and weekend, a runner’s performance is logged. The entire season’s worth of work is used to evaluate a runner, but higher weight is given to the athlete’s most recent result(s). The longer we do this the better we get at appreciating fast courses from slower courses. Estimated adjustments are made in an effort to best “normalize” results when comparing different venues. Head to head match-ups are very important. 

At present, the following number of boys are ranked in each of the three classes: 

Class AAA – 400 runners are ranked

Class AA – 232 runners are ranked

Class A – 87 runners are ranked

Some teams will have more than 7 runners ranked if those individuals have shown they could finish in their team’s top 7 by year’s end, but for most, only a team’s top 7 athletes are included. Below we include the top 1/3 of runners in each classification. 

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