“In Depth” – Week 5 Girl’s Team Rankings

Putting together individual rankings based on each week’s results has made the process of ranking teams easier. If when you add up one team’s score and its lower than the next, then lower score gets the higher ranking. I have challenged myself each week not to follow my gut and to rather follow the scores to remain as objective as possible. This was really put to the test this week when comparing the Dallastown and Hershey girl’s squads. The low score this week goes to Hershey. That said, it was really hard to go against my gut which still leans Wildcats. No matter how things end up, one thing is for sure – we are in for a fantastic D3AAA Championship meet the end of the month!

This week we removed any athlete who has missed at least 3 meets in a row from their team’s scoring. Once they compete again their individual ranking will be updated and they will again be included in team scoring. Those removals with the largest impact all occurred in class AAA and are as follows:

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