Winter Track&Field Training with YorkFit

Hello All:

Now that cross country season is over, it’s time to start thinking about winter training that will take us into spring track. Our program at YorkFit will begin on Monday, November 14th.  This winter block is 16-weeks long — taking us to the last week of February. I believe they would then have a week off before beginning track practice.  

We are going to try to do very small group training — lightly based on a few factors such as training age and their primary events (longer vs middle distance). Their events will not have a large training effect, but for some of the more 400/800m athletes, there will be slightly more focus on explosive strength. 

The program and pricing will look like this:Option 1: 1x week with me + 1-2 extra workouts to be done on your own (or with the people in your group) = $155/month

*The sessions with me will likely be M or W. Option 2: 2x week with me + 1-2 extra workouts to be done on your own (or with the people in your group) = $225/month

*The sessions with me will likely be on two of these three days: M,W, or Th. 

Option 3: One-on-one sessions with me – for those with current injuries or anyone desiring solo sessions (no group component) = $32.50-$37.50/session

*With both Option 1&2 programs, I will offer running programming as well, if desired.  Again, this will be based on the above mentioned characteristics and we will see more variation here with some of the younger athletes coming back from injuries this fall and my desire to really set them up for success, not only this spring, but for the remainder of their high school careers. 

*Last, there will be an optional Saturday session that will focus on building mental toughness…the details on this will be revealed each week. If you know anyone who may be interested in this winter block — please have them email me. I will be gone until Thursday of this week.  We left right after the State meet for a running seminar in Worcester, Mass before heading to Lake Winnipesaukee for a few days. We will be driving home on Thursday. I WILL be working a bit so feel free to reach out with any questions.  

My goal is that by early March we’ve laid a very solid training base to allow these kids to THRIVE this track season. My goal is to help and serve each one as if they were my own — which is why I want to see these kids accomplish big things on the track in 2023! 

Again, please let me know if you have any questions!