Manheim Township’s “BE FAST” Track Invitational

Cole Stevens is a Class of 2025 student athlete at Manheim Township High School who runs cross country, swims, and competes in track and field for the Blue Streaks. His mother, Jamie, is the Assistant Coach for the Manheim Township High School XC program. In September 2022, Jamie had a stroke following a medical procedure. The stroke was recognized by Cole’s father shortly after returning home from the procedure. He noticed that Jamie had become unbalanced (“B”), had slight facial droop (“F”), had confusion and difficulty speaking (“S”), and had a severe headache. They immediately (“T”) got to the hospital where an MRI would confirm the stroke. 

After months of rehab to restore strength and balance and brain games to help restore brain function she was able to return to her love of running. While lingering effects of the stroke persist, most who interact with Jamie likely don’t notice. In March, Jamie ran the Virginia Beach Marathon and achieved the Boston Marathon Qualifying standard! 

Cole is starting the Manheim Township “BE FAST” Track Invitational (more details below) with the support of the MTWP Track Booster Club to raise awareness about strokes. All proceeds from this event will be donated to a local neuroscience fund that benefits support groups and provides neuroscience education and care within the community.

Jamie and Cole at the 2022 PIAA Foundation Invitational

FAST facts about stroke:

A stroke occurs when something blocks blood supply to part of the brain or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts. In both cases, parts of the brain become damaged or die. Strokes can cause long-term damage, disability, and even death. 

To recognize the symptoms of a stroke please remember “BE FAST”:

B – Balance – Watch for sudden loss of balance

E – Eyes – Check for vision loss

F – Face – Look for facial droop or uneven smile

A – Arm – Check is one arm is weak

S – Speech – listen for slurred speech or word finding difficulty

T – Time – call 911 right away

• In 2021, 1 in 6 deaths from cardiovascular disease was due to stroke

• Every year, ~800,000 people in the United States has a stroke

• ~12 million brain cells die every minute without treatment during an acute ischemic stroke

Remember, Time is Brain! Do not wait to take action if you observe the symptoms of stroke in another person.

BE FAST Track Invitational

November 11, 2023

Manheim Township High School

Register On-line at PAMilesplit or through this google sheet link. 1,000m run and Chocolate Milk Mile sign-up is only available through the google sheet.

Events open to high school and open athletes (including kids!).

Order of Events (Times are estimates and will be updated 48 hours prior to the event)

10:00 AM​ start time

1,600m ​​Open/HS (Ages 12+)

​​100m​​​ Open/HS

​​1,000m​​​ Open/HS (Ages 12+)

​​400m​​​ Open/HS

​​4×200​​​ Corporate Race* 

800m​​​ Open/HS

​​200m​​​ Open/HS

​​5,000m Open/HS (Ages 12+)

​​Chocolate Milk Mile​ (Ages 12+)** – email

$15/participant (up to 3 events, excludes Chocolate Milk Mile). Register per event in advance and pay upon arrival. If you are a school program or a track club that enters 5 or more athletes please contact about discount pricing. Add $5 if you also wish to run the milk mile.

$15/entry Chocolate Milk Mile. Register in advance and pay upon arrival.

$10 spectator fee (donation).

* Corporate 4x200m relay – $250 to enter as a corporate relay. 4 runners each running 1/2 lap around the track. Get creative with your uniforms!! Your business may set up a small table to promote your product during the event.

** Chocolate Milk Mile Rules – each runner starts the race by drinking 12 ounces of chocolate milk. After each lap you will drink another 12 ounces of chocolate milk making a total of 48 ounces for athletes who complete the race. Trash cans will be set-up around the track for any runner who may need to expel any liquids during or after the race. Any competitor who expels anything that misses a trash can is eliminated. ”Officials” will be located around the track. Race will be streamed live on centralparunner’s Instagram page.

T-shirts available via pre-order and day of the event for $20.

Event Sponsorship opportunities:

All event sponsors will receive 1 year of promotion on the centralparunner platforms including website, twitter, and Instagram. Your business will be highlighted on our Friends of CPAR page. 1 promotional post per month will be shared on our twitter and Instagram. All sponsors also receive free entry into the Corporate 4x200m relay. Find 4 willing to participates to run 200m each against other local organizations. All proceeds will be donated for stroke education and support in the community.

Checks can be made out to Manheim Township Track & Field Boosters. The Boosters are a nonprofit organization and can provide a tax exempt form and EIN number if requested.

$400 – Chocolate Milk Mile sponsorship – this sponsorship covers the cost of supplies for the chocolate milk mile.

$500 – Concessions sponsorship – this sponsorship will cover the cost of food and drink for concession stand sales.

$1000 – Timing Company sponsorship – this sponsorship will cover the cost of our event timing needs.

$1250 – T-shirt sponsorship – this sponsorship covers the cost of our promotional event t-shirts. Your logo will appear on the back of the t-shirts.

$250+ donations – as this is a fundraiser event for stroke awareness, any donation of $250 or more will recognized on the centralparunner “Friends of CPAR” page for 1 year as well as a recognition post on twitter and Instagram.

Email to claim a sponsorship or or to make a donation.