XC: Lancaster/Lebanon League Team and Individual Rankings (Through 9/19/18)

XC: LL League Rankings

These rankings are based on a simulated LL League Championship meet.

We average the 5k times of all athletes who have posted results year to date. This includes league meet results as well as invitational results.

We use the top 7 runners on each team and rank each athlete by fastest avg 5k time

This is obviously not perfect as some athletes may compete more of their races on what would be considered “easier” courses and others will compete more of their races on what would be considered “harder” courses. Proof in point – this week the LL League ran 3 make-up races from the first week of the year. The meets were held at Ephrata, Hempfield, and Lancaster Mennonite. The number of season best times varied greatly across the three courses, likely indicating the degree of difficulty for each.

Specifically, here is a look at the number of season best times earned on each of the courses by both boy and girl competitors:

Season Bests (SB)/total runners% achieving a SB
McCaskey, CV, and Ephrata at Ephrata       15/58           25.8%
E’town, Warwick, and Hempfield at Hempfield      38/60                         63.3%
Man Central, Cocalico, and Lanc Mennonite (LM) at LM        0/36           0.0%
* We excluded runners competing in their first race of the year

Based on our ranking methodology, average 5k times likely improved if you competed at Hempfield and average 5k times likely worsened if you competed at Lancaster Mennonite.

That said, here are this week’s LL League rankings, based on Championship meet scoring using individual’s average 5k times to date:

Boys Team Rankings

Girls Team Rankings

Boys top 40 individual rankings

Girls top 40 Individual Rankings