Class of 2021 and 2022 Athlete Recruiting Form

Looking to compete in XC and/or Track and Field in college? Keep college coach’s informed of your work efforts throughout the year. Competitions may be postponed, but your work efforts continue. If interested in having your profile posted to this site, please complete the following questionnaire and email back to



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Weekly Highlight: (Include info on the best workout of your most recent week. For distance runners, feel free to include weekly mileage and your most impressive workout from that week. I will update this each week if you send me the info. If you have done a time trial and would like to include a video to be uploaded to YouTube and linked to your page we can do that too. I’d recommend only including a video if you set a PR. We will use the video as proof of performance so include the entire video)

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– Feel free to include up to 2 photos you’d like to have included on your profile page

– Feel free to leave sections above blank if you don’t feel comfortable or aren’t ready to answer

– Let me know if you are interested in any colleges and I will be sure to tag them on twitter directing them to the athlete profile page

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