Emily Foight, Wilson (Class of 2022)

Name: Emily Foight

School: Wilson High School (West Lawn)

Graduation Year: 2022

DOB: 11/2003

Email: emily.foight@gmail.com

Social media information:

Instagram – e.foight

Milesplit profile: https://pa.milesplit.com/athletes/8887058-emily-foight


5k XC – 19:34.50

3200m – 11:31.33

1600m – 5:26.23

800m – 2:30.35

XC/TF Highlights: XC (sophomore year) – 5th place finisher at the 2019 BCIAA XC Championships (Kutztown University). 2019 BCIAA All-Conference Team. 2019 PIAA District III AAA qualifier (40th place). T/F (freshman year) – 2019 PIAA District III AAA 3200m qualifier.

Favorite XC/TF memory to date: 

XC – This one is easy … the County Championship of my sophomore year. It was my first year of cross country and I was oblivious to how chaotic things would be in a big race. I can still envision in my mind; one minute chatting with my friends, the next minute hearing “TAKE YOUR MARK” and finally a mob of girls sprinting to get out first. It was so much fun!!!

T/F – Running the mile my freshman year with my teammates. We all were pushing and encouraging each other throughout the race … running in a pack. Talking about it after and saying how much fun we just had and then realizing that we all got best times!!

What do you enjoy most about the sport of XC and/or TF: I love the fact that I feel like I can talk to my teammates about anything. It doesn’t matter if my issue is about the sport or my personal life, they are there to help me through anything.

Academic Highlights: 

1. High Honor Roll – every marking period of high school

2. Above 4.0 GPA

3. iSTEM Award Winner – freshman year

4. Class rank 6 out of 473 (end of freshman year)

Favorite HS class to date and why: I really enjoy Honors Pre-Calculus. I like being faced with problems and working to find the solution.

I am interested in the following college major(s): 

1. Forensic Science and Technology

2. Engineering

3. Elementary Education

Career aspirations: I still haven’t decided.

My ideal college coach would be: A coach who pushes me to achieve my full potential.

Most important factors I will consider when choosing a college:

– Location

– Major availability

– Team bonds

Other information about me: 

Fall Sport(s): Soccer and Cross Country

Winter Sport: Swimming

Spring Sport: Track and Field

Summer Sport(s): Soccer and Swimming

Volunteering: St. Ignatius Prep Teacher / Food Bank Volunteer

Employment: Lifeguarding / Babysitting