Introducing Justin Rogers (Hershey)

Hi Everyone! My name is Justin Rogers and I’m a pole vaulter in the class of 2022 at Hershey High School.  I just started pole vaulting my freshman year, but it didn’t take me long to fall in love with the sport.

Throughout my younger years, I was all about Gymnastics and Soccer. I started excelling at both at a young age. Both sports taught me important skills which would help mold me into the competitor I am today, but injuries were costing me too much so I made the decision to quit gymnastics to pursue soccer more fully. Little did I know it would spark a new chapter of athletics for me. My personal trainer happened to be the pole vault coach of my rival school, Lower Dauphin, and told me I needed to come try pole vault and  that “all gymnasts were good at it”. I started falling for the sport even then. Since I only played soccer, I knew I could do a spring sport, so I decided to give it a chance. I started going to a club called Vaultworx to train and it was honestly the best move of my career. It was there I met plenty of friends, most of them at the top level in the state as well, but even more importantly Vaultworx was where I found my work ethic. I started living for the frustration and the setbacks because it made success all the sweeter.  I completely transformed my mentality, changed everything I knew about running and strength, and relearned the proper form for pole vault.

Recently my success has been huge. I jumped a PR of 16’6.25” to set a new mid penn record and cement myself as second in state history. I am a state champ and a national meet qualifier and the college recruitment process is setting me up to have choices all around the country. All of this taught me some amazing things. It showed me the limits that the human body can go to, and most importantly it showed me the importance of work ethic to go higher than you could ever imagine. I’m really excited to share my experiences and future opportunities with all of you and if anyone has any questions feel free to DM me on Instagram.