Introducing Mia Boardman (Cumberland Valley)

Hi, my name is Mia Boardman, an upcoming senior at Cumberland Valley High School. I started track in 7th grade just because my parents thought it would be good for me, they were right. I immediately fell in love with the sport and did anything possible to improve. I play two sports, so I have a lot of opportunities to cross-train and I think that makes me a stronger athlete all-around.

I wouldn’t say that there is just one event I specialize in. I run the 100m, 200m, 400m, along with the 4x100m and 4x400m…though the 400m is my best.

I think it would be challenging and even fun to run the 4x800m one day, just to see what time I could produce. A good day at the track is any day we are doing split 500s, which is my all-time favorite workout. I’d like to run Division I track in college next year. Some of the colleges I am interested in right now are – Monmouth University, Duquesne University, University of Delaware, Towson University, and James Madison University.

Besides running, I like spending time with friends and family, playing video games, swimming, and practicing for field hockey. My favorite school subject is chemistry and I plan to major in either chemistry or biochemistry.

Some fun facts about me are:

-My favorite event is the 4x400m

-I hate all seafood

-I’ve never been able to decide on a favorite color

-I am left handed

-I was originally forced to do Middle School Cross Country, wasn’t for me… -I play field hockey

While I’ve always loved track, it wasn’t until this past season where all the pieces came together for me (strong team chemistry, friendships, and technique). I’m excited to share with you all how I managed to make it work this season, and hopefully inspire others to do the same!