Introducing Alex Holbrook (Exeter Township)

My name is Alex Holbook and I am a distance runner from Exeter Township School District. I first got into running in 2014 when I competed in a youth triathlon just for fun. At the time, I loved baseball and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. However, after I did that triathlon and a few other local 5k’s I decided that I had a lot more fun racing. I eventually quit baseball so that I would be able to run more. The next summer I joined a youth track club called “Hershey Blaze” and I fell in love with the sport even more. I met some great friends and it made me realize that track was more than just running. I got to go to really cool places, and have a great time racing with my friends. Even though I was running, I didn’t take it very seriously until my freshman year of highschool. I had the opportunity to train with people who were faster than me and that motivated me to work harder. My freshman year I dropped my times to a 4:40 1600m and a 2:04 800m.

After a great season, I was ready to start my sophomore cross country season. Unfortunately, I suffered a major injury that ended my season before it even started. I was devastated but determined to come back stronger than ever before. I was finally able to run again at the end of indoor track season. I was only able to get two races in before COVID-19 shut everything down. I took advantage of the time while everything was closed and focused on training and just getting stronger. It was hard to stay motivated during those times but my hard work paid off.

My junior cross country season came and I was excited to get to train with my teammates again. My season didn’t go the way I hoped for. I didn’t break through my mental barrier of being able to push myself after my injury. I would finish races and know that I had much more in the tank. My recent track season was my breakthrough season. I learned how to push myself again and I gained confidence in myself. One race I will never forget was the 1600m at the “Whippet Invitational”. I was in the same heat as some of the best kids in the country. I was seeded dead last in the fast heat so my goal was to just not get last. I ran a 4:18 and I dropped over 10 seconds from my previous personal best. That race taught me that if I trusted myself and my training, I could do anything. This track season was by far the most fun I have ever had racing. I met so many great friends from all over the state that made me look forward to every race.

I just recently began training for my senior year of cross country. I look forward to making a run at the BCIAA title and medaling in the PIAA State meet.

Other than running, I enjoy mountain biking, golfing, and just being outdoors. My neighbor convinced me to buy a new bike so that I would be able to go with him. It is a great way for me to get my mind off things and have fun with my friends, while staying healthy. I am not a very good golfer but I really like going with my friends and my grandparents.