Spotlight 2022 – Caleb Hershey, Lebanon

High School: Lebanon 

College: Committed to Temple University 

Anticipated College Major: Secondary Education (Social Studies)

Future Aspirations: After college I would like to teach high school social studies and coach cross country and track. I would also like to become a semi professional road ultra marathoner. 

Favorite Subject in High School: Social Studies 

Favorite Book: The Harry Potter Series 

Favorite Movie: Elf

Favorite Quote: “Suffering is the true test of life” -David Goggins

Favorite Thing to do when not Competing in XC/TF: I love watching and talking about Formula 1. 

Something people would be surprised to learn about you: I can juggle a soccer ball for a very long time. 

Favorite Shoe Brand: Hoka for training shoes and Nike for racing shoes. 

Favorite Individual: LVC cross country invitational

Best HS Memory: Winning my senior night cross country duel meet. 

Advice to younger student athletes: Consistently do more then what is expected of you in training. Also, don’t be afraid to cross train in order to get more volume in.

Instagram: caleb.hershey