Spotlight 2022 – Emily Manwiller, Annville-Cleona

Hi, I’m Emily Manwiller. I ran XC my 8th grade year, junior, and senior year. I have been running T/F since 7th grade and I cannot wait to run my last season coming up in March. I currently go to Annville-Cleona High School. I plan on majoring in Cardiac Sonography. Some future aspirations would be to be a cardiac sonographer for Penn State medical center. My favorite subject would be science, more specifically anatomy and physiology. My favorite high school teacher would be my XC coach not only because she is my coach but because she is a mentor to me. She took me in and not only taught me science but gave me strong advice that I can use for the rest of my life. My favorite movie is Cutting Edge. It is an older movie but it is about my second favorite sport, ice hockey. The quote I have always lived by is “When you feel like stopping, keep going because that’s where your opponent stopped.” My XC coach told me that. I used that with every sport I have ever played, mainly XC. XC is a sport that you need the power to keep going and push yourself. I believe that quote helps most when you wanna quit or give up. When I am not running you will find me fishing or hunting. I spend most of my time in nature. My favorite shoe brand is HOKA. I experimented all of my track and XC season with different shoe brands from Nike to Adidas. In my junior year, I decided to try HOKA and it was the best decision of my life. Those shoes never disappoint. My favorite invitational is Ben Blouser. My team won for our district and I placed 13th. I love that course at Big Spring and to be able to run it other than districts was a blast. My best high school memory would have to be this year during football season we played another team who happened to be our rivals and we were worried we would not win. We ended up winning by a lot and being in our student section was so much fun because the energy and spirit levels were through the roof. I have never seen our student section so loud and involved. My advice would be to find motivation and stick to it. That motivation will help you when life gets rough and you need something to keep you going. Don’t forget to enjoy high school. If you blink freshman year you’ll be a senior. And please be involved with everything you can in high school. Even if you think you won’t regret not going to that homecoming or football game freshman year, you will.

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