Spotlight 2022 – Garrett Quinan, Kennard-Dale

Garrett Quinan

Kennard-Dale High School

Future college TBD

My favorite school subject is Chemistry because I had an awesome teacher and overall is a fun/interesting subject.

My favorite teacher is Mr. Hardenbrook, my Chemistry teacher. He made the class environment challenging yet fun.

My favorite book is Endure by Alex Hutchins and Running with the Buffaloes.

Favorite movie is Without Limits and Shrek.

Favorite quote: “The best pace is suicide pace and today feels like a good day to die” -Pre

I love hunting and riding bikes.

Some people would be surprised that I played lacrosse and was in marching band my freshman year.

Favorite racing shoes are nike and my favorite trainer right now are the ASICS Novablast 2.

Favorite race was the 2021 Paul Short Invite where I placed 11th and came away with a massive PR.

Favorite memory would definitely be Running Ahrens summer camp where we would run up a ski slope.

My advice to younger athletes would be to enjoy the little things with your team and to focus on making the sport fun.