Introducing Weber Long (Greencastle-Antrim)

Hey, my name is Weber Long, and I run for Greencastle-Antrim High School in Greencastle, PA. I really got into running during my 7th grade year of cross country, which is also when I started running. I had done a road race or two before, but I wasn’t really into it like I am now. I ended up quitting soccer because I liked cross country so much more. I ended up training with the high schoolers during the summer going into my 8th grade year, which is why I ended up having such a big drop in times from 7th to 8th grade year. Four years later, here I am.

Other than running, I am an Eagle Scout from Troop 95 out of Shady Grove, PA. I am also part of my school’s concert band, but not marching band. (Though I can play Jig 2, if anyone knows what that is). I also enjoy fourwheeling and snowmobiling, though snowmobiles are much more fun in my opinion. I am also a Christian, I attend Antrim BIC in Greencastle on most Sundays. As I’m writing this it is a summer evening, so I am on a break from running after my season and will be starting back up in about a week or so.

To talk about my running journey more, my freshman year was quite the learning experience, and I’d be kidding myself if I said I’m not still learning. I always ate the wrong things before races freshman year, most notably Mid Penns and then I did it again sophomore year before indoor states, but I had also gotten sick earlier that week, so that for sure had something to do with it. To look back on where I’ve been is crazy, because sophomore year I was in such a bad mental state during COVID, where I learned that doing time trials is not something I enjoy, or something I am good at. My cross country season wasn’t the greatest either, I feel like I didn’t get near my potential. That all changed during this past year in track, where I had the chance to race a lot of fast guys, and drop my times down a lot while having an absolute blast doing it. Plus, I’ve met so many people during my track season this past year, and I have more new friendships too, from schools I never would’ve heard of if I hadn’t decided to be a runner.

Overall, my running “career” has been pretty good, with a steady yearly improvement, and a lot more knowledge that comes with it, about the sport and about myself. If you ask me, running is all about being able to enjoy what you’re doing, that’ll help your mentality and help you want to get stronger every day, which will help you improve, no matter how fast you are. Just hang in there when it gets tough, you’re not the only one!