Introducing Annika Ermold (Governor Mifflin)

Hi everyone! My name is Annika Ermold and I am a rising senior at Governor Mifflin Senior High School, and I participate in the throws on the track and field team. I started my journey with track and field at a field day in sixth grade. The shot put was being contested, and after winning with no experience my love with track really started to flourish. I officially joined the track and field team in seventh grade, and after winning county champion in the discus I realized that I wanted to just focus on track and give up my other two sports, basketball and lacrosse. Going into my summer of eighth grade, I started to train at Garage Strength in Blandon which has helped so much. My performances really started to improve, and I ended up making the district meet as a freshman, indoor states as a sophomore, and the national meet with two all-state recognitions as a junior. I have gone through some issues though, issues with eating and even some confidence issues. However, I truly love my sport and know that I would love to continue in college and maybe even after that, so I push myself everyday to be the best knowing in the end everything will all work out. Even though I did not get to have an outdoor sophomore season due to the pandemic, I learned a lot of lessons, such as to never take anything for granted, and to never give up even when times get tough. I am very thankful to participate in a sport where everyone supports and encourages each other, because that makes the sport very enjoyable and competing in a positive environment helps everyone perform even better.

Some other information about me!

I enjoy writing. Once I start it’s very hard for me to stop. My favorite subjects in school are Science and German.

Instagram: Annika_Ermold